On ambiguity

Version II: I am not being coy. What I would like to do here is write about my journey, which at the moment coincides with the PhD, and speak about the challenges along the way, as well as my discoveries. I invite you to take what you will from these, and, if possible, find an echo in them.

Version I: The ambiguity found on this blog is not derived from a coyness that I wish to postulate. Instead, it indicates an openness towards the journey of learning that so many of us – dare I say “all” – are on, a willingness to embrace the uncertain delineations of meaning that words, writing and re-wording bring. This is not to adhere to the school of thought that entirely divorces the concept from the word (i.e. an absolute separation between the signifier and the signified), no, for otherwise what folly communication would be. Rather, it is to recognise the difficulties and challenges that belong to a framing of words, to the speaking of the self – and, such play!


Just Say No

A timely reminder to affirm the writer in the self, even through the fog of naysaying murmurs that try to prove the unprofitable nature of writing.

Live to Write - Write to Live

1just-say-no             Even though I write full time, I still don’t have enough hours in a day. When I worked at other jobs, when my kids were small and when I had even less time to write than I do know, that’s when I still believed I had all the time in the world to do everything I wanted.

Now I know better. And because I don’t have enough time – not enough time in the wall_clock_threeday, this month, this year – even if I live to be ninety (which no longer seems so, so far away), I’ll probably never have enough time to do everything I want to. So I’ve learned how to say No.

I say no to serving on boards, even boards of organizations I believe in. Actually, I say No, thank you. Maybe there’s some other way I can help.

I say No to organizing…

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