Courage (kooh-raj)

“I’m not saying that we should dismiss the past.
A part of identity is the knowledge of one’s own history
To be well today, we must know what we were yesterday.”

~Václav Havel, Czech dissident and writer imprisoned and persecuted for giving voice to human rights.
Beckett dedicated his short play, ‘Catastrophe’, to this man who refused to take the bait when he was offered release after years in prison on condition that he be exiled to New York (and to fame!) where his play was being produced, because it meant leaving his co-resistance fighters behind in prison. Afterwards, he became the first democratically elected president of Czechoslovakia in 41 years.


Summer Rain

Ⓒ Erik Mons Larson

Ⓒ Erik Mons Larson 2015, Cambridge on the 4th of July

Indoors in the middle of a lightning storm. The patter moves in crescendo, the only other evidence a growing, exponential, trend of droplets on the pane, each time the night lights up

the spots, the scars, the sky-drawn tears

And sudden back,
gaps to contemplate.