Alpha Ursae Minoris

Again you call to me:
“Begin from where you are,”
Heard the little bird
from the big, bright star;
And now when I am sinking
Like one of yours
who did too much thinking
When he walked on water
to you, but fell short,
Surrounded by friends
on boat and at port
Who could do
but naught;
I feel the weight of under
sinking, quickly, asunder
Loud waves beside me,
night, strangely, unending –
Yet, lo, the star,
spoke with gravity from afar,
“Now then, take patience
And do not mar;
Your home is with me
And it’s not far.”


A Moment on the Quest

Today, then,

Let my prayer be,

“He increase

as I decrease,”

That the whole

of the Hole

grows dimmer;

That the hugeness

of the Hunger


That the pain

of the Why


into light –


As sunlight

Sifting through

The forest floor,


there I find

My peace.

The Persistence of Memory

Bring me back to 1993

When it was just you and me

Singing together in the night

Though you couldn’t hear me then it was alright

‘Cos you touched thousands, and I was

Just one

Blessed enough to know you.

Now, with beauty faded

I still recognise your coy lipstick stains

Strewn remnants,


To find that missing part of me;

And before I let

The strangers engulf

I look back and wonder

At what I’ve gained

And what I’ve lost

And what I never even had

All this while.

Null Hypothesis

There’s a girl I know

(who doesn’t know me)

That’s a friend of a friend

(distance, that’s key)

Who has a smile so wide

(for sure full of glee)

And a heart so big

(as big as the sea)

Take it she’s with him

(Let RS stand for thee)

Then I’m happy for her

(but no, love does not come free)

That girl’s not me

It’s a friend’s friend, you see

And hypothetically…

Is all,

all that I can see.