Just Say No

A timely reminder to affirm the writer in the self, even through the fog of naysaying murmurs that try to prove the unprofitable nature of writing.

Live to Write - Write to Live

1just-say-no             Even though I write full time, I still don’t have enough hours in a day. When I worked at other jobs, when my kids were small and when I had even less time to write than I do know, that’s when I still believed I had all the time in the world to do everything I wanted.

Now I know better. And because I don’t have enough time – not enough time in the wall_clock_threeday, this month, this year – even if I live to be ninety (which no longer seems so, so far away), I’ll probably never have enough time to do everything I want to. So I’ve learned how to say No.

I say no to serving on boards, even boards of organizations I believe in. Actually, I say No, thank you. Maybe there’s some other way I can help.

I say No to organizing…

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One Word

One word

From you

Would be all I need

To be free

From these chains;

One word

To cast out the demons:

An exoneration

Long wished for.

One word

From you

Would be enough

To soothe these sores

The remaining bastions of

An empire built in dust;

One word

To set the peons free

Who, up til now, still roam

The grasslands,

Scavenging for rubrics

To measure themselves, by the by.

One word

From you

My balm, my solace,

Would remind me of who I am

Not who I should have been

Not where I’ve fallen;

One word

To put my aching heart

To rest.

One word

From you

And these walls would fly

That mountain move

And walk into the sea –

but one word

you say

in gentleness,




in knowing a time

not yet come,

in seeing my goodness,

my all: