This leaves me

This leaves me so, so alone.

And yet what is this silver, no, gold

That you have planted

In soil, toil toil

From a place where I was lost

Your outstretched arm has found me

In the midst of the miry clay

Fashioned likeness from nothing

And in the depths of futility, see,

Some Goodness, some Gold.


My heart for a red-breasted bird did sing

My heart for a red-breasted bird did sing

Soft, low, a gentle hum

My open palm for him did lie

Tremulous, yearning, barely calm

He came and stood on a parapet far

And sang his n’er-known tune

Then all the world did stop to hear

Music of a sculpture well-hewn

“Of all the world I’ve travelled and seen

This desert has the most beautiful dune

Long will I stay as great is my hope

That this I’ll call my home

I’ll leave my red coat where I stand

And mark out this dearest spot

My only wish is to claim this dune

And name it an everlasting plot.”

But came the morn the winds had changed

Alas, the dune was shorn;

And all who saw my heart did blame

A baby that was still-born.

The Birth

A tree-trunk, says one blind man

A house, says another

A hairy carpet, says the third

And they all couldn’t bring to bear

The elephant in the room

Who had no place in the inn

And ended up,

Neat as a pin,

With mice and men


As to what

Had entered in on them.

In the heat of the moment,

In a rushing tide,

The elephant in the room

stepped on the first,

suffocated the second

while the third (with the mice) ran screaming out.

That’s how the elephant got his room:

Embalmed in silence, tainted with fear

As tall as the ceiling

with no intentions clear.

And that’s why everyone these days

Gives him a place;

A seat of honour, a bow of grace,

And mentions not his name.

O my elephant, my elephant

in the room.

And So It Goes in Tennyson’s Break

But if my silence made you leave
Then that would be my worst mistake
So I will share this room with you
And you can have this heart to break

But wither then would you go,
And what with you could you take
Whenever the time comes you must know
That already this heart has begun to break

Would that my tongue could utter
The thoughts that arise
, and me make
For my silence is the room that keeps us here
Just as Echo’s words on the walls did break

ever so softly

Ever so softly

Then louder, and firmly, you speak;

You take me from the mire

And help me find solid ground

“Be of good cheer,

And turn from your old ways,

Ways that cause you to lose sight of me,

Ways that lead you to reject the pain.

Instead, accept your cancer, your tumor, your lack,

so that in learning to walk again, speak again, see again,

You will grow

Far wiser than you could have done on your own.”

So finally will I find

the burning candle well-spent,

a light that never dies.